Thank you!

We would like to thank GOD, our families and our friends...
- the Nambalizers

And these amazing people...

Version 2 developers

The Nambalizers - Nikko Murro, Belleo Maron, John Sarsaba, Jay Turla OJTs- Irish Maglasang, Karen Kaye, Jerry Loterio, Zen LongroƱo, Giovanni Campos...

Version Talisay

User interface designer - Jecy Calambro, Developer - Belleo Maraon.

Impressive consultants

Dr. Jun Gayapa, Joseph "Omoni Nayami" Diaz - videographer, Webbysolve - Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie and Victoria Linao, Project Management - Ms. Alvie Balquin, Accounting and legal papers - Ms. Yvonne Fernandez

Special thanks

Mr. Ferdinand Piano, Mr. Raymond Tolentino, Tiger Consulting - Mr. Anthony Gaw, Mr. Dennis Lim, Mr. Edward Go, Mr. Antonio Barrameda; - Ms. Tina Amper, - Keith Lumanog, Ayala Foundation or - Dr. Elmer Soriano and Ms. Rose Rontal; Mr. Martin Pascual; Mr. Gerard Moreno; CebuInIT Family - Ms. Pauline Wade, Mr. Jeffrey Montecillos, Ms. Mileni Leyson Torres, Mr. Belly Salinas, Dr. Gretchen Chavez and team; Ideaspace - Earl Martin Valencia, Diane Dugan Eustaquio, Dustin RJ F Masancay and team; AIM (Pitch Black) - Mr. John Faustorilla, Dr. Timothy Montances Ting, Prof. Maoi Arroyo, Mr. Tom Gotuaco, Prof. Richard Cruz, Prof. Titos Ortigas; Microsoft - Alvin Gendrano; fivethirtyfitness - Dan Shand.